Monday, June 16, 2008


7:30: Wake up on my parents’ hide-a-bed with a sense of incredulity. Wedding days dawn like any other. Huh. Expected animated birds, or something.

8:00: Push cereal on a queasy stomach. Evidently, brides are in constant danger of not “keeping their strength up” and “wilting like flowers.” Is this a wedding or a triathlon?

9:00: Peek at my dress. Yep, still love it.

11:00: Hair. The make-or-break moment of the day. Eagle-eyed bridesmaids supervise.

12:00: I am now gorgeous enough to dine at the Subway next door. With veil. No, I don’t feel the slightest bit silly. Customers smile dewily at me. More forced feeding. I think they’re fattening me up for some sort of pagan sacrifice…

1:00: Wishing I could call Paul while at best friend’s house. But of course, this would lead to eternal cursitude.

2:00: In church basement. The Dressing of the Bride. Angels sing.

3:00: Picture time. At one point, the photographer presses me to pose with my hands on my hips. ‘Cause I have attitude, yo. I oblige, but my thoughts are neither pure nor virginal.

4:00: Where’s the guy with the music?! Jesus Christ. Doesn’t he know I’m crazy?

4:10: He comes. Heart resumes its regular programming.

4:20: Last minute hugs and kisses. None of this feels real.

4:30: I hear the first strings of Bach…

4:31: I see Paul at the end of the aisle. Eyes do shine. It’s real.

4:32: A torrent of words and ritual. But all I need to know is written in his face.

4:45: It’s over.

Oh, there was more. Endless pictures, reception duties, a happy send-off. But that’s not what I really remember.

4:31—that was my wedding day.

Happy 7th, Paul…


Anonymous said...

I remember very little about my wedding day.


Beth said...

I too remember so little about my wedding day, but I'm only 37 and it was 20 years ago this December. Oh dear God.

Beth said...

Oh, and happy anniversary!!!!

Scott said...

That's very sweet. I remember standing very still and trying not to fidget. And my wife to be--so beautiful.

Aine said...

Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Paul!!

Expected animated birds-- :D -- would you have broken into song, too? (Have you seen Enchanted?)

The wisdom of tradition is that it gives a framework to our memories. Something on which to stick the important memories, so they don't get lost in the synapses. Like your 4:31-- so perfect!

Happy celebrating!

Sarah Hina said...

Knot, we didn't have alcohol at our reception. Maybe that's why I remember. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

Wow, you were a young bride, Beth. I must admit to gaps in my memory after only 7 years. But some of those details are inconsequential, I suppose. I don't really want to recall the politics of the seating chart...*shudder* ;)

Thanks for the good wishes.

That's touching, Scott. At least we brides were permitted to move to all that nervous energy. But all those eyes on us...pretty intense.

Aine, thank you. :)

Haven't seen Enchanted, but I have to say that there is sometimes this irrational, fairy-tale expectation of the outside world mirroring our inner one. And I suppose it did. A glorious June day.

I liked what you said about tradition. I've never been one to place that great of stock in traditions for tradition sake, but your comment rings true to me.

Those unique details still pop and sing, don't they.


Bernita said...

His face.
Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Sarah and Paul!!

Wow, you're wedding day sounds familiar. Even though so much gets lost in the stress and rush of time, it still seems live lush and full in memory like nothing else. :)

Vesper said...

Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Paul!

Your words captured so well the feeling of that... crazy day. :-)

Sarah Hina said...

Bernita, Jason, and Vesper: thank you for all the wonderful wishes!

We appreciate all your warm thoughts. :)

ChrisEldin said...

Happy Anniversary!!