Monday, October 20, 2008

Painting by Numbers

Eight octupus arms draped
with cranberry pearls

Four wheels on two bikes
shredding saffron foil

One nucleus slathered
from proton-gray ashes

A half-clothed lady unveiling
flamenco rhythms

All lulled to sleep by a
wind's whispered carols


Charles Gramlich said...

Great tie ins between the pics and the words. You definitely see things in a different light than most of us.

Anonymous said...

Superb writing as always and I love the "A half-clothed lady unveiling
flamenco rhythms" picture.


Anonymous said...

I love the visions! Each like a little meditation.

The picture of the tree-tunneled bikes is especially beautiful. :)

Thank you for taking us along on your walk and in your thoughts.

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, I think that having the camera has helped in some respect. That drive to focus in on something gets the wheels turning. :)

Paul, thank you! That tree was definitely letting loose. ;)

Jason, I had the best time taking photos this weekend. Fall really is a gift for us.

I liked the bike photo best, too. It was sweet serendipity that those two came riding along that quiet pathway. :)

Billy said...

Perfect fusion of words and pics! Stunning!

Aine said...

I agree-- the photo of the cyclists is gorgeous. Looks like it should be on a travel brochure.

I really like how you used color as the theme, but not a single word evokes Crayola! Mature colors... just lovely!

Vesper said...

Beautiful... a perfect match between words and images...

The "half-clothed lady" goes more to my heart...

Sarah Hina said...

Billy, so good to see you here again!! :) Thanks, my friend.

Aine, I like your "mature colors." I did want to burnish the images with some kind of reflective meaning.

And thanks for the compliment! Does it make you want to visit? ;)

Vesper, thank you--I've seen many a gorgeous shot on your blog, too!

In terms of what the words convey, the lady might be my favorite, too. :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Sarah what a nice format. It is like a goodnight story.

"All lulled to sleep by a
wind's whispered carols." I just want to say...shhhhh, goodnight.

Impressive imagery throughout, and magazine worthy photos.

Sarah Hina said...

Goodnight, Fall instead of Goodnight, Moon. I like that, K!

And thanks for the kind words about the photos! I love my new camera. It really has opened up another dimension for me in terms of awareness and focus. And brought fresh inspiration to my writing. :)

ChrisEldin said...

I love how Jason put it--they *are* like little meditations!
So beautiful....

Ello said...

You know, half the time I sound like a broken record when I comment on your writing. Because I love it so much and I'm not as lyrical and can't come up with enough witty ways to tell you how much I love your writing. But I did have to tell you how much I loved this post. I adore the pictures. They are really breathtaking. And each caption is absolutely perfect - almost telling a little story.

I hope you do more of these. These were absolute favorites of mine!