Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The land is wide weary,
It's been cold for?

Time to fly that new song,


The hope of millions carries—

That these feathers of time will hold us aloft
That fractured continents still might touch


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Yes, today is a day of hope and pride - a coming together to make ourselves stronger. A new song is JUST what we need right now.

Beautiful sentiments, Sarah.
Gorgeous photograph. :)

moonrat said...

hi there, after a long time. i'm just checking in to see if you have any news.

Aine said...

As with Harry Potter-- I am hopeful that house unity will prevail. :)

(Not sayin' it did, mind you... just that I hope it will.)

History shows us that many things happen in cycles, so most of the issues don't deeply worry me. But the "fractured continents"-- that worries me. Glad the birds are singing this morning!

Aine said...
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Aine said...

Oops! Blogger is practicing doublespeak this morning. :D

Sarah said...

Beautiful Sarah. Simply beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful sentiment. :)

And the last line...that's my wish too. Thanks for being one of the bridge builders.

Charles Gramlich said...

Hope is catching.

Sarah Hina said...

K, I'm glad you agree. :) I wanted to capture a bit of this upswing. Birdsong seemed like the right medium. Thank you!

Moonrat, I've still been checking out your blog on a feedreader, but have been getting around a little less lately. Thanks for checking in with me! No news writing-wise, but my novel is still out there, limping to its sorry fate. ;)

Happy blog anniversary!!

Aine, I think that seeing the world's reaction to Tuesday's election was the most heartening experience for me. Like we'd recaptured--if for a moment--some kind of precious respect and harmony that had been ground down over the last 8 years. Let's hope it holds!

Quill, good to see you again, my friend. And thank you.

Jason, that's the line my hopes are clinging to, too. We will build those bridges together. :)

Charles, at long last, yes!

Vesper said...

Beautiful, Sarah. So hopeful...

Time to fly that new song

I hope this new bird finds the good winds...

Sarah Hina said...

Vesper, me too. I have never felt more confident that it will be so.

I don't expect perfection, but I do have faith in reason, when combined with compassion. :)