Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hunt

He tracks the trail in a silvery light,
my footprints slashing a dizzying path
across snapped twigs and crushed leaves,
his bright eyes suckling the hunter’s fever

Iron muzzle dips into angels' powder
as he pauses to inhale a glen so feral,
hungry to soak up a scent of betrayal
culled from warm blood, buried petal

I catch the eye of the lusty eagle,
stationed above this lair of cunning,
and she drops into the bush behind him,
rustling dead leaves with slickest candor

He hoists his weapon in a reckless contort,
forsaking thought for premature retort,
that cockeyed bullet tickling feathers as
I raise crescent bow, calmly drawing

The arrow halts with a comical quiver,
as he drops to knees in bleak surrender,
while still the snow so softly piling bleaches
all proof of this Prey, who once was Hunter

You mortals have honored me with a Moon,
and burdened my body with Chastity,
but for all time, I remain one Diana,
Goddess of The Hunt


Charles Gramlich said...

Yes, the Wild Night Hunt. Great poem.

Catvibe said...

Fun poem, very well constructed! I was interested in knowing who the other guy was, the one with the gun...

Anonymous said...

I thought of Diana as I read about the bow.

No matter how great the hunter, vulnerability is never lost.

(Great wintry photo!!)

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, thank you! It was a fun struggle.

Cat, I don't know who the other hunter was. I don't think it mattered for her. Poor guy. ;)

Actually, I meant this poem to be more about deliberateness, and finding your target. A pure aggression, but still harnessed.

Thank you!

Jason, this was a weird one for me. More of a concept poem that I wanted to see if I could pull off. Conquering the hunter. It took an immortal to do it, though. ;)

Not too sure I was successful, but thanks about the photo! Nothing like those snowy woods. :)

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Sarah, Beautiful narrative poem - so rhythmic and wordworthy.

I love, in particular, these lines -
"...while still the snow so softly piling bleaches
all proof of this Prey, who once was Hunter..."

Diana has always been a fascinating goddess, but I have to say, I love her more as a moon diety than the goddess of the hunt. ;)

Sarah Hina said...

K, me too.

I was exploring a (much) different mindset in this one. But I defamed poor Diana in the process. I don't think she ever hunted humans! ;) I just thought that hunting a hunter would add a certain twist.

Thanks for the comment, K! I think I'm going to stick to Luna and her like from now on, though. ;)

Hotwire said...

despite the content, the ending forced me to smile. perfect visuals!!!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

(In addition to my previous post) I liked this concept and enjoyed the wryness of both your idea and the poem itself. Great blend of irony and entertainment.

I believe you accomplished what you intended, and all with stunning ease. Your poems have a certain beautiful complication to them, but they are also accessible.

My comment about liking her better as a moon goddess, harkens back to my love of 'all things moon" - ;)
But, she certainly has her appeal as a hunter.

Sarah Hina said...

Hotwire, it's great to see you again! :) I'm glad you found something to like here, and "saw" this poem in your mind's eye.

K, I was in not offended by your earlier comment in the slightest! I understand, and agree with, what you said. The moon is much more enticing for me, too. :)

But yes, I'm glad you picked up on that wryness and irony. I had no intention of making a truly brutal poem--which is why I tapped someone mythical to do the dirty work. ;) Somehow, when gods and goddesses do this sort of thing, it seems more entertaining than cruel to me, too.

Thank you for elaborating, K! You have such a kind and sensitive heart. :)

Spaceman Spiff said...

Hi Sarah, I sort of stumbled on your blog by searching people who liked the movie "Before Sunrise" (one of my favourites) and just wanted to tell that this is probably the best piece of writing I have read in 2008... and I do read quite a bit! I was always in awe of Artemis/Diana... thanks a lot for providing us such a good read!

Sarah Hina said...

Spaceman, wow, I'm amazed that you were so drawn to this poem. And immensely gratified by your words! So thank you. And do come by again. :)

Yes, Before Sunrise will always rank high among my favorite movies. It even inspired me to write a book...

Spaceman Spiff said...

Sarah, Its an e-book or did you publish it? How/Where can I get it? Would love to read it! I read most if your posts yesterday.. I am in no position to comment on your work... You are totally on another level altogether. You have got some serious talent and its good that you are not letting it fade away... Kudos, to you for managing to write and manage a family together! :-D I am finding it tough to maintain a balance in my professional life and what I really want to do for myself!

Sarah Hina said...

Spaceman, it's coming out in 2010 from Medallion Press. The title is Plum Blossoms in Paris--I would be thrilled if you picked up a copy on its release! :)

Thank you so much for delving so deeply into my work. And for your very generous words. I want to stop by your blog, too--with the Christmas season upon us, things have been crazy!! But I'll get there.

That balance is so, so difficult to find. But as long as we keep pushing to redraw that line toward our true interests, I think that says a lot for our passion and dedication. That sense of dissatisfaction can serve as well, if we use it to make ourselves work harder.

Thank you again for stopping by! I really appreciate your enthusiasm. :)

Vesper said...

There's always a hunter for the hunter. I like to believe that...
Great poem!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Will definitely grab a copy.. I promise! :) Though I am not sure if I'll get one out here in India or not... But I'll ask one of my friends op in States to get it for me... And you wont find anything good to read on my blog... I just write random suff there... I am techo fresh out of college in my quarterly life crisis... what do you expect!! :) I havent written anything remotely good except for one short story "Lost in Life"... but I want to write more.... I shall improve in time!! (Hopefully) :-D All the very best for your novel!

Spaceman Spiff said...

PS: Almost forgot.... Merry Christmas to you and ur family!!! :-D