Friday, January 2, 2009


“Wow,” she said.

“What?” he asked from the bed.

“Dawn already. We made it.”

He yawned and rubbed at his eyes.

“We’re too old for this crap,” he said.

“Speak for yourself,” she said, watching the sun crisp the red of a robin’s breast. “I feel great.”

“I’m so heavy,” he said. “And yet the room spins.”

She turned from the window, sizing him up.

“Well, there’s your problem,” she said.

“What, the alcohol? Blame the Lockharts.”

“No. It’s not that,” she said, approaching the bed. “You’re wearing too many clothes.”


“Mm hmm. Big problem,” she said. “It’s a new year, darling. Cast off the old burdens.”

He chewed on a fuzzy lip.

“Not too sure what can be done,” he said. “With me being incapacitated.”

From the bedside, she grabbed the cuff of his blazer, and rolled him free of it.

“Better?” she said.

“Better,” he agreed. “But still pretty heavy.”

She hiked the skirt of her dress and dimpled the mattress with her knees. Straddling his waist, she loosened a knot under his Adam’s apple. His neck burned as the trident tie was whipped away.

“Thanks,” he said. “I can finally breathe.”

Her knees slid to the sides. A hot weight pressing in.

“On second thought . . . ”

“Still feeling heavy?” she said. Her nail tapped at the first button on his collar.

He just watched her in reply. With eyes still drunk on night.

Her fingers sharpened their fever. She finished off the rest of his clothes with the speed of silence. Pulling her dress off, she tossed it over the headboard. It dropped to the floor as she unwound her hair and let it spill over his chest. The static electricity crackled.

His ribs leaped at their flesh.

She reached with her mouth for all of his tired places. To swallow his weight. The soft secret under his earlobe. The crescent of his throat. That hard screw buried beneath his shoulder. Her lips melted into the palm of his hand (she loved his hands), before lifting lower. The scent of that skin rubbing deeper than memory, broader than lust. Massaging its fury.

He pulled her roughly to his mouth. Finding their center.

“I love—”

“I want—”

But old words were not enough as they drank from something new.


Catherine Vibert said...

Yum Yum. What am I going to do with all this blog love going around for New Years? ;-) Sweet and Sexy my dear Sarah, and fun.

David Cranmer said...

What a great story for the new year... and sexy as hell!

Vesper said...

Wonderful start of a new year... :-)

“It’s a new year, darling. Cast off the old burdens.” Oh, I like that... I would like to do that...

I wish you a very Happy New Year, darling Sarah! May you follow your dreams...


Sarah Hina said...

Cat, savor it! :)

There are few ways we have for feeling new in life, but this has got to be one of the best! Thank you for finding the fun in it.

David, maybe a little. ;) I'm glad it started the new year off right for you!

Vesper, if burdens were as easy to cast off as clothes, there would be a lot of naked people running around. :p Brrr...

Happy New Year to you, too!! I hope it unfolds beautifully for you, my dear friend.

David Cranmer said...

Ha. I apologize if my enthusiasm was over the top... Sarah, you have created another mini-masterpiece.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

hmmm... many of the blogs I follow have very sensual or suggestive material on them right now. What's wrong with me - I wrote about a heron?! lol

You are a master of the sexy, comtemporary, romantic fiction! Great action and dialogue, Sarah, and, as always, written with great aplomb. ;P

the walking man said...

Every person on earth should have this experience...daily.

Fine, fine piece of flash Sarah, so much said with so few words.

Sarah Hina said...

David, as far as I'm concerned, your enthusiasm is just right. :) Thank you, my friend.

K, all of those sensual tales must have something to do with reinvention. There seems to be something destroyed (the individual) and created (a coupling) at the same moment. That's how I saw it, anyway. :)

Thank you for the lovely words, K. I'm a little skittish when sharing this kind of story, but I'm glad it's well received!

Walking Man, I'm glad you could get lost in those words, and the spaces between them. And I agree that we all deserve this daily giving and receiving.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very sensuous. Well done.

Chris Eldin said...

What romantic celebrations! Of life, of each other, and of time.
Love this one! And who is the elegant lady in the photo?

Rob said...

Well done! I really enjoyed this.

"His ribs leaped at their flesh" is a great line.

Anonymous said...

I have the greatest respect for them. I know how much my head would be pounding after a night like that. Bravo!

(And becoming adventurous with the camera. Very cool!)

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, thank you for that. :)

Chris, ha! She chooses to remain anonymous. ;)

Glad you enjoyed that convergence of emotion and moment.

Rob, thanks for stopping by! I was fond of that line myself. :)

Jason, I guess she just wanted to impress upon him that love and passion are great restorers.

Thanks about the photo! :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Well it surely is "NEW" from you... I have to give you that! As I read each line I so wished I was the guy in the story... for he has savoured the sweetest burden! :)

You've started the new year with a bang.... keep 'em coming!

Thanks for a lovely read.... Again!

Sameera Ansari said...

You are just something else when it comes to expressing passion!

Happy New Year :)

Geraldine said...

Wow, what a "ride"!!! ;<) Well done Sara, you are a very talented writer.

PS: Is it warm in here?

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo glad I found this place, that piece of writing really jumped off the page with its originality and passion. What can I say? Superb!

Hoodie said...

You're going to put me into labor, girl! (Not that I'd mind at this point.)


Sarah Hina said...

Thank you so much, everyone, for the great comments! I really appreciate the feedback and support. I'm glad you enjoyed a little bit of heat to ring in the new year. :)

And Hoodie, you made me smile. :) There are worse ways of being induced...(and good luck!!!)

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