Saturday, October 3, 2009

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Karen said...

I've wondered where you've been, and now I know - you've been journeying through humanity, through time, and through intellect. You may have ventured too far into the heart, Sarah. You're carrying the salt of mankind's tears.

You have actually created too many striking images to mention them all, but I do know that, taken together, they've caused me to envision a bleak and painful time that I hope I never know. Is it the future, or are we becoming this now? I only know that I'd rather feel pain and regret than nothing at all. When the books burn and the songs are unsung, I think we're finished.

I don't know what inspired you on this one, but it is chilling, Sarah. (and GOOD!!)

Karen said...

(Oh, and Sarah, I expect Aniket will go nuts for the photo!) :-)

Sheri said...


I know it's been so long. How are things going with your debut novel?

Sarah Hina said...

Karen, this is probably the bleakest thing I've written. Well, possibly. ;) I hesitated to post it because it was just too damn hopeless. But then, of course, I went ahead, anyway.

Your comment genuinely touched me. I'm not sure if I should leave my Paris series like this, though. With the Eiffel Tower being dismantled. Ack. What have I done??

Thank you, Karen. I'd rather feel the pain and regret, too. For the record.

(As for the photo, Aniket is always too kind where I'm concerned. I'm secretly blackmailing him, you know. Only I know how he REALLY hurt his eye a couple weeks ago...mwaa ha ha...)

Sheri, I'm so glad to see you! :)

The novel has a publishing date of next August. It's been slow going so far. I will have edits to finish in January, and then the excitement really begins. Right now, I need to be thinking about getting blurbs, and that sort of thing. Know anyone good? ;)

Thank you so much for checking in with me. I'm catching up on blogs, and will be sure to stop by yours tomorrow. It HAS been too long.

the walking man said...

Bleak? Yes. but is it truth? Yes absolutely. Now, Sarah, now is the time for the artists and writers to be heard from if the madness of this emerging global culture is to be held off maybe even turned back.

Welcome to the fight for survival of our humanity. This piece is stunningly stark and real, right and good.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

This is a deep and authentic piece that truly captures the trepidation one would feel at losing our world as we know (or knew) it!! Like Karen said...Is it the future, or are we becoming this now? It's an alarming look at an apathetic and cold world.

Great figurative language moves this along. Fantastic writing.

The works of Shakespeare, with its many exhaustive copies, swelled the world's sea levels a teardrop, or two, when all of Hamlet’s ashes finally sank beneath the waves of outrageous fortune.

Once the arts are no longer important, then the rest is silence.

Nevine said...

This is a very internal piece, and internally chilling. But that is a good thing, because we need that once in a great while. I really enjoyed it, and I'll be back.

Aniket said...

Okay! I searched Lot's Wife and also Lots of other wives (not mine). I would've probably not gone nuts over the photo if Karen ahdn't mentioned it!

Is that you in the pic? When was it taken 10 yrs ago? Coz she looks quite young. :D :D

It is normal that I frequently have dreams of apocalypse and world being burned in fire, right? The way we are going that's probably way less gory than the way it's actually gonna turn out. I just hope I don't live to see the day. Would so much like to die somewhere peaceful, near a beach.

Coming back to the story... In your words 'great imagery... poignant emotions'.. (yeah, am learning :P) and in mine...'zit waz awezome'.

PS: Everyone knows how I hurt my eye. :D You need more leverage, missy. Thou shall have to fight harder to know the deep dark secrets of Aniket Thakkar of clan Thakkar. *sinister laugh*

Billy said...

It may be bleak, but unfortunately, it's timely. This is an amazing piece of work, finely crafted. One should it many times to get the texture--it's that rich. Wow.

Sheri said...

I'm not sure about the blurbs. Doesn't your publishing company do that? I was at the Toms River workshop this weekend and Eve Adler said it's part of her job sometimes to write the book jackets, I think that's what she said. I wonder if PJ Hoover will be able to offer you some insight. Her novel came out this year and her second one is on its way. She's at . Tell her I sent you. She's a sweetheart!

That is exciting that you have a date now! YAY!!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO BUY IT AND READ IT!

Jennifer said...

Sarah, remember how I keep saying I would know your writing anywhere? This I would not have known. Upon a second reading, perhaps, as it is as full of breathtaking imagery and gorgeous prose as the rest of your writing, but in its heaviness, initially I would not have found you. Until the end that is. Of course "you" climbed, of course you remembered. That is the kernel of you, as I know you here--to bear witness, to plead with us to notice, to remember, and hopefully to stop/undo.

Or, more succinctly: wow, wow, wow.

How's that for intelligent commentary? :P

Margaret said...

I always try to think positive and after reading this Sarah, am very glad that I don't let myself sink into a world of bleakness.

It's brilliant writing and gives us something to think about but it'll never happen - as long as we stand up against it happening!

And... the Eiffel Tower will forever stand!! :D

Chris Eldin said...

I immediately thought of the song "The Sound of Silence" when I read this. And while beautiful, as all your writing is, I wouldn't have known this was yours. That's not a judgment in any way, -- you have another incredible voice to draw upon!

Sarah Hina said...

Mark, I thought you'd like this one. It felt different to write, but good.

Thanks for being in the right corner of the fight.

K., the arts are the soul and sustenance of a culture. If we let them die, we're killing ourselves.

Thank you so much for your kindness here. I've been swimming in strange waters lately, but I appreciate the company. ;)

Nevine, I'm so glad you stopped by! I really appreciate your reading and interest. I do hope you'll return. :)

Aniket, only I know how you REALLY hurt it. Didn't you know?? I can read your mind. ;) (but seriously, you shouldn't let a girl beat you up like that! :P)

I had to get you back for the crack about my age. Hmph. That photo was taken last week, buster. Photoshop aside. ;)

Thanks. "Awesome" is just right to me. :)

Billy, I like seeing you back in my comments section.

And that's all I have to say about that. ;) Thanks, my friend.

Sheri, you are a SWEETHEART!! Thank you for the tip. I truly appreciate your good advice and support.

I can't wait for you to read it, either! (well, okay. I'm also a little nervous about people's expectations ;))

Jennifer, you could never be anything BUT intelligent. Seriously. Your comments bathe me in a nice, warm light. And not just because they're kind. But because you always dive deep into the marrow of what I'm trying to do. And sometimes, bring out aspects that I could only dream of.

That is a rare, rare gift.

Thank you so much. And I want to read more of your work. Like, now. ;)

Margaret, absolutely! If the Eiffel Tower falls, then I'm in trouble. I mean, what will I write about?? :D

I have been too mired in bleakness lately. But I appreciate your kind words, and your determination to see the light. I think I'm coming out of it. :)

Chris, that's a remarkable comparison to me, because it's one of the most poignant and melancholy songs I know.

Thank you for saying that. :)

I think I'll be finding my "old" voice again soon.