Sunday, December 13, 2009







Pierced by a needle,
cranberry kissed,
big belly laughs
spacing hearts
too tart
to pop
by mouth






Bursting from its skin,
warm butter bath,
the movie man
scooping heaps
a striped
red bag






Slathered by a scent,
holiday puffed,
a little boy
smiles large,
Mom’s heart
to go





David Cranmer said...

One for the holidays! I just passed this link on to a few people I know will enjoy it because I sure as heck did.

Happy Holidays Sarah!

Karen said...

The staccato rhythm of the pop, pop, pop, along with the images make me smile along with that little boy. The way it affects the mother is a sweet touch and perfect ending. In very few words, you capture a little piece of Christmas and remind us it's really about love.

Susan Deborah said...

You remind me of e. e. cummings. I like popcorn and your poem as well.

Glad to have stopped by.

Keep writing.

Joy always,

Charles Gramlich said...

Popcorn rocks. Or pops as might be.

Sarah Hina said...

David, I really appreciate that! And a big Happy Holidays to you, too!! :)

Karen, the rhythm fell off for me at the end, but I didn't want to wrestle with it too much. ;) Thank you for your kindness here!

And that little boy was mine! :) I took him and his sister to see "The Princess and The Frog" this weekend, and loved watching him watch that popcorn popper. It was a big "little moment," if you know what I mean.

Susan, any comparison to e.e. cummings is music to my ears! He happens to be my favorite poet. :)

I truly appreciate your stopping by here, and your warm words.

Charles, now you have me thinking of pop rocks. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks so much for sharing Sarah.


Karen said...

Okay, the English teacher in me won't let my error stand uncorrected. S-V agreement problem: rhythm makes, rhythm MAKES. Oh, well, that's what I get for commenting at 5:15 a.m.!

Sarah Hina said...

Paul, thanks for coming by! It's good to see you here again. :)

Karen, I love that you can't let that go! :D

( would drive me crazy, too ;))

Margaret said...

This reminded me just how long it's been since I ate popcorn!

Sorry, gotta POP out to the shop.........

Nevine said...

Now that was very cute! :-) I happen to love popcorn; it brings out my inner child. And I liked lingering inside a longer moment of that with your words. Happy Holidays, Sarah!


joaquin carvel said...

this is a big warm mug of mulled winter joy - impossible not to smile - right there, where the "little moments" are the biggest.

also have to thank you for the review you left - i was floored - beyond kind and better than i ever could have hoped. thank you.

Sarah Hina said...

Margaret, eat to your heart's content! :)

Nevine, thank you! I sometimes feel like I don't record these moments as often as I should. It's a constant challenge for me to look out, and not in.

I hope you're enjoying the holiday season, too! :)

Joaquin, you're welcome. It was my pleasure to read, and review. Your book is every superlative, tied together with five stars, and a few exclamation points, too. ;)

And thank you regarding the poem. Your comment made me think of hot cocoa--it warmed me. :)

Jennifer said...

What is it with kids and popcorn?? My kids still love to watch/hear it pop. Whatever it is, you've captured it here. :)

I'm off to catch up on your latest posts...

Jennifer said...

Okay, yay, I only missed one other post, but what a post to have missed! ;)

And if you ever need another beta for the second book, please ask. PLEASE. ASK.


Aniket said...

You know how much I love popcorns! But then again who doesn't.

Useless the Trivia about myself:

The following takes place on my visit to Madison - I was still getting used to dollars instead of rupees. I went to watch The Dark Knight. Now, I've been a Joker fan since the Jack Nicholson days, so you can only guess how excited I was! So I go to buy popcorn. He asks me which size. I go for the largest one. I thought its just $8. How big would it be? :D

I ate the whole thing myself. Well, The Joker helped me do it. :D

Coming back to your poem, the pop pop pop for salt and caramel string is just perfect. That's the way popcorn should be. :) :)

the walking man said...

I really like how you are branching out in form and shape Sarah. The creative mind is never idling for long is it.

Well done here.

Sarah Hina said...

Jennifer, I'd love to have you read the new book. Seriously. Your opinion would be gold to me. I've got a loooong way to go, though. Thank you for volunteering!! (you know this goes both ways, right? ;))

Popcorn is even fun to say, isn't it?

Aniket, $8 for popcorn?? Well, it sounds like it was definitely worth it. Do you know that I still haven't seen The Dark Knight? I know, I should be excommunicated or something... ;)

Thanks for popping in for some popcorn pleasure. This one was airy, but satisfying, to write. :D

Mark, I couldn't face writing another angst-ridden poem that was the equivalent of Narcissus looking into his mirror. So I thought, Popcorn: why the hell not?

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. :)

Jennifer said...

I hope you're serious because it would be a complete honor. And it has NOTHING to do with getting to read your work long before the publication date. I'd be constructive. I swear. ;)

(But those dates ARE so far way, you know??)

Rick said...

OMG this was fun to read! I'm so glad I found your blog again.

Sarah Hina said...

Jennifer, I AM serious! You're always so perceptive and insightful with your comments. I'd be a fool to turn your offer down.

Thank you so much! :)

Rick, I'm very glad you did, too. :) Thanks!!

Vesper said...

Perfect rhythm, Sarah! One's heart can dance with it... :-)