Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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David Cranmer said...

So sad and so exquisite all at once.

Jennifer said...

Sarah, I'm so sorry, and I also celebrate the love you shared with your grandfather. The doe saw you, too, I know it.

The hand, so smooth, stripped free of bark, is just how I'd want to remember it, too. All roughness gone, all things to bear evaporated, peace settling in.

And love and grace living on in those left behind, in you.

Take good care, my friend.

bard said...

Very moving and touching... it stirs a lot of feelings. I shared similar sentiments in my entry "His Hand".

Charles Gramlich said...

Very fine. Particularly the last piece, about the wood smooth and cool, stripped of bark.

Megs - Scatterred Bits said...

Gorgeous. I love reading your poetry. It does things inside me, makes me feel and wonder and remember my own lost loved ones and the imagery is just amazing. :sighs: Gorgeous.

Karen said...

Sarah, I assume this is about your grandfather. I am so sorry, but I am, as I know you are, so grateful for the loves we have in our lives.

Beautiful tribute and metaphor.


Melissa Sarno said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Susan Deborah said...

I don't know the context of the poem but gauging from the earlier comments, this is a tribute to your grandfather.

I am sure this is the best one for him.

Standing with you in this time.

Strength and joy,

the walking man said...

Be well Sarah.

Vesper said...

I'm so sorry, Sarah. But your love for him gave you the strength to write such beautiful words. The richness of having had him in your life will always stay with you.

Margaret said...

This left a deep sadness in me after reading it. It was only after reading Jennifer's comment that I realized it's a tribute to your grandfather.

It's beautiful Sarah. Look back on all the wonderful memories you have of him and cherish every moment you both had together.

Take care.

Gerry Boyd said...

Yummy! Spare, lovely, and deft use of metaphor.

joaquin carvel said...

what a beautiful way to look at passing. reminds me of eucalyptus - how the thin, brittle bark falls off in strips, how the trunk beneath is smooth and bright as a stem.

and the white doe - like the fairy tale - striking.

i actually find more comfort in this than sadness - a peacefulness that radiates beyond the loss.

Sarah Hina said...

David, thank you for that.

Jennifer, you describe my feelings exactly, my friend. He lived a wonderful, positive life, and I will honor that legacy in my memory. Thank you so much for your grace and support. Always.

Bard, I'm glad this touched you. I really appreciate your letting me know.

Charles, there was something very pure to me in that touch. Thanks.

Megs, you're always too good to me. :) Thank you so much for your wonderfully warm comments.

Karen, so, so grateful. He gave me much more than I ever gave him. Thank you for the hugs and kisses, my sweet friend. I'm hugging you right back. :)

Melissa, you're welcome. Thanks for reading.

Susan, you're a dear. I appreciate the support immensely, and thank you for it.

Mark, I am well. I had a lot of time to come to terms with it, which I'll always be grateful for. Thank you, dear Mark.

Vesper, it's been nice, if bittersweet, to relive some of those memories in the past few days. Just really little things that imprint upon us like the big things can't. I know you understand.

Thank you for the condolences, Vesper. Big hugs. :)

Margaret, I surely will. I know that you're going through a rough period with your father, which must be even harder. I really hope that the two of you will continue stocking that treasure trove of memories to cherish into the future, too.

Thank you for the kind words here. I'm immensely gratified by everyone's friendship to me.

Gerry, easiest poem I ever wrote. I woke up yesterday morning, and the words just came. I'm glad you liked it.

Joaquin, I remember those eucalyptus trees. I was also thinking of birch. My granddad had a home in the woods, and he planted thousands of trees in his lifetime. He used to show me the white grooves carved in the trunks from the bucks' scraping their antlers against them.

Your words are beautiful. Thank you for them.

Rohit said...

You easiest poem is also one of the most touching ones i have ever read and i include the thoroughly professional ones as well!

You words tingle me on the inside!



Aniket said...

I have nothing to add to what Jennifer said. He must be real proud of how her granddaughter turned out.

Take care, friend.

Sarah Hina said...

Rohit, I'm so happy you came by here. :) Thank you kindly for the beautiful words of appreciation.

Aniket, I'm doing well, thanks. :) I appreciate your warm words here.

catvibe said...

Oh Sarah, this is the loveliest gift a poem that you could give to your grandfather. It is so interesting that you saw the doe, it's like a sign of some kind, just such an amazing thing. Like an angel.

I should have been here sooner, I've been lax on all the blogs this last month with my mom here, but you know that I am always with you Sarah. I wish you and your family a ton of love.

Chris Eldin said...

This is one of your most beautiful vignettes. I can't add to what others have said. But it really is such a touching tribute.

Nevine said...

Sarah, I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. And nothing is a coincidence... You were meant to see that doe, and you were meant to feel that love, and you were meant to pen these words. There is nothing like the touching of hands in those very precious last moments. They communicate the feelings that words fail to express. I wish you and your family peace, Sarah.


Sarah Hina said...

Aw, Cat, I know you're always with me. I've been lax lately, too. We'll catch up soon.

The doe was a gift. Evidently, my mom sees her all the time. She even feeds her corn! :)

Chris, thank you for that, my friend. I really appreciate your support.

Nevine, you're right. Touch communicates a world of emotions that words can only stumble over. Being a consistent stumbler with verbal expressions of love, I've always felt that.

Thank you for the gentle, sweet words, Nevine. I felt their touch.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Lovely poem - So finely tuned - like all the sad songs we sing of loss. Blessings, dear one.

Tamarind~ said...

Wow.. loved the way it turned out..! Beautiful lines, with ease!

Obsidian Eagle (ItzQuauhtli) said...

A thoroughly evocative piece.

To native Americans, the deer totem is both a symbol of freedom and rebirth. Fret not, I am sure your loved one has attained both.

Sarah Hina said...

Kay, thank you so much. I appreciate your soft heart here.

Tamarind, thanks again. :)

Obsidian Eagle, I didn't realize that. Thank you so much for letting me know. It does bring comfort. I really love that vision.