Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Intangible Authenticity

The blog tour is back!  Just when you all were getting worried that I was tired of talking about my book.

Psh.  Miles to go, people.  In truth, I just needed a little breather. 

But I'm very happy that Abhisek Mohanty stepped forward and offered me a guest slot on his blog, The Intangible but Significant Part of Me.  I don't know Abhi that well, but he was so friendly and enthusiastic in his email that I immediately felt welcomed and at ease.  I like people who embrace life and radiate a positive spirit.  My impression is that Abhi does both.

Since Abhi's blog motto is "Silence Kills, Speak up," I thought his place was the perfect venue to write a piece about voice and authenticity.  And I gotta say--I really enjoyed writing this one.  So I hope you'll check it out. 

Big thanks to my host for stepping up!  And for reaching out.  I'm glad to have made a new friend. 

If you'd also like to speak, step, or reach out, in order to interview me, review the book, or offer me a guest post slot, please feel free to email me at Sarah.Hina@gmail.com.  I really appreciate every gesture of support I've received so far.  Thanks, guys.


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Abhi said...

Thank You Sarah for those words. I needed something which could bring me back to my blogging world and I suppose your blog made me do so.

This was your kind gesture that made me feel truly elated!


Sarah Hina said...

Abhi, my pleasure!

I hope this is a wonderful fresh start for you, then.

Abhi said...


It's been really exciting and refreshing! Hopefully I can carry the flow now :)