Sunday, October 17, 2010


A road bends more
with autumn days,
its apron bowed
under paint shavings
and whittled gold.

A fence does not convince;
eyes have a way 
of poking through
to say, "Hello!"
(or "Neigh, not you.")

The best things come
with a blur of intent,
too sweet to stick;
as I pin you
between wind and kiss.

These are the jewels
I'd take for a crown
if you were the boy
and I was a girl
 and the woods hid trolls.

 That we might rest
with a comfort of hands
and dangling feet
as the hinges squeak
and time sits down.


Charles Gramlich said...

if the woods hid trolls.

Excellent. Love these. Great short pieces.

Travis Erwin said...

Love the line ... between wind and kiss

Stephen Parrish said...

As long as everyone is naming a favorite, mine's and time sits down.

Gorjus words, gorjus pics. Do more posts like this one.

the walking man said...

I liked the road best of all. I want my walking legs back so I could be on it again. The picture brought me to a beautiful sadness for a past I will never regain.

catvibe said...

I love the horse shot! That's an award winner. Your words here are perfect gems. Uplifting, marvelous.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Your lilting words rise up in the sweet fall air. Oh, I love "if the woods hid trolls." I just encountered some trolls on Sunday in our woods....there is no mistaking their voices, or their quick shuffle in the leaves.

Most delightful lines....

The best things come with a blur of intent,too sweet to stick; as I pin you between wind and kiss.

Captivating, Sarah!

Bebo said...

Lovely & evocative.
My fav:

...these are the jewels I'd take for a crown...

joaquin carvel said...

i love how the words and pictures weave together - how they can be read individually or as one poem. there is magic here - that little blur in the butterfly wing - time sitting down. beautiful.

Sarah Hina said...

Charles - I appreciate that! They're fun to do.

Travis - thanks. I liked that one, too.

Steve - aye, aye, Cap'n! I'd love to do more of these. I just need some more quality pics.

Mark - that road lives inside of you. You take us with you all the time.

Cat - from you, that's a huge compliment! :) I love these little capsules of time and breath.

Kay - trolls are always scuttling about, aren't they? I love those crunching leaves, that whispering wind. Autumn's their singular season.

Thank you for letting me know which lines spoke to you. It means so much!

Bebo - those leaves were more beautiful than any jewels I've yet seen. Thanks for dropping in here.

Joaquin - it did feel like a magical afternoon. Taking more from the sweetness of autumn than the melancholy. Thank you.

Rick said...

Loved this whole post, Sarah. You do such wonderful work.