Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lascaux Flash

There's an exciting flash fiction contest happening right now I wanted to tell you about. Using the photo prompt above, submit a piece of fiction (250 words or less) by midnight, September 22 for the chance to win the grand prize: $250, a virtual medal and publication in The Lascaux Review. Instructions for entering are here

I submitted a guest entry--titled "Orange Juice"--which can be found here

My thanks to Stephen Parrish and Wendy Russ for running such a quality contest and literary review. Good luck to all the participants!  


Charles Gramlich said...

cool. I'm gonna check this out.

Vesper said...

Loved your story, Sarah. Your usual blend of poetry and reality. I've missed that... :-)

the walking man said...

Here too, sadly no money or virtual anything of value other than (seriously) 10,000 pg views a day

the walking man said...

Your story...yep it gets like that. Seen it too many times. Brought back a couple of memories of bodies gone blue taken out of a car and put on a gurney before they covered them or put them in a body bag. Ah the beauty of opiates and orange juice.

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, hope to see a piece from you soon. Your flash is consistently amazing.

Vesper, it's really, really good to see you again. Really. :)

Mark, wow.

I'm thinking about the journal. I'd like to submit something. I just have to think on the theme.


Wendy said...

Thanks for mentioning the contest, Sarah! It's nice to see all the entries coming in AND your guest post!

thestorytellingmom said...

Hi Sarah
You have a spectacular blog and I love it. So I nominated you for the Liebster Award. See my post here:
A great way to get more bloggers to know about you!

Sarah Hina said...

Thank you so much for the recognition and kind words!

It really is an honor. :)