Saturday, January 26, 2013


(The Walrus Was Paul)

I woke up this morning
with a song in my head:

I'm fixing a hole
where the rain gets in

and knew that my husband
put it there.

It was Paul, after all,
who slipped into my stocking

a mixed Beatles tape
that first Christmas morning,

not long after scrapping
our lonely hearts' club band

for this magical mystery tour.


the walking man said...

Are you The Beatles or The Stones the 15 year old rockers kept asking way back in the mid '60' status depended on the answer...I Always replied The Who...unfortunately they did know where to put the cork. hahahaha

Sarah this is one of the fun love stories the I (shhh don't tell anyone) I like to love.

Wonderfully done and creative use of that emerging form of (bleh) found poetry.

Sarah Hina said...

And I like to know you like to love this sort of thing.

We split the difference in our house and have a Beatles/Stones playlist. More Beatles than Stones, though, if that gives any indication of where my loyalties lie.

Charles Gramlich said...

Nicely done. I believe I understand it, though I could not swear to that!

Anonymous said...

I'm back to catch up and I have to say I love how you are mixing universal observations/imagery/pleas with personal ones. It is as though we are seeing more of you and in doing so seeing more that connects us all.

I'm so glad you are doing this, Sarah.

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, that's okay: I grade on a curve! ;)

Jennifer, that's an extremely kind thing to say. Thank you for it.

You know, this is the first day I've actually struggled with it. I'm not happy with what I have today, but I told myself I'd post no matter what. So we'll see...

the walking man said...

Charles would not be confused if you said Metallica and AC/DC

You have the right as the poet to say *meh* to this Sarah but then (don't make me repeat myself as a member of your audience it would be humiliating for me) hahahahahaha It is wonderful imagery regardless of what you think!

Sarah Hina said...

I was actually saying "meh" to #8, a tortured piece of writing if I've ever seen one. But you take the bad days with the good ones, I suppose.

Aniket Thakkar said...

@Charles :D :D

@Sarah: I'm sure some snow vaporized around you when you wrote this one. ;)