Sunday, July 27, 2014

3 a.m., Everytown

Would he-- 
                 --If I 

Was I so wrong--

                         --my son, my son

How did it happen that--

                                     --don't care what the label says

Where did I put that goddamn--

                                               --fun while it lasted, I suppose 

I'm going to die some-- 

                                  --Look at that moon, though 

I could just tell her--

                                --Mom, Mom

Snoring like a-- 

                       --please, God?


           Shhhh. Mama's here. 



Charles Gramlich said...

Shhh, shhh. Some of the most interesting words in the human language.

the walking man said...

You hear shh shh and I hear the loud guffaws of the multitude mooning me saying "Hey you stole from us for 30 years, you lazy civil servant. You deserve your pension and medical losses"

My question is "why did I work so goddamned hard instead of having a bit of fun along the way."

Unfortunately Mama's gone over the horizon never to rise again in my life. "My son, my son" she said as she disappeared "you have your memory to sustain you."

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, no doubt.

Mark, I hear a whole spectrum of voices. Yours, too.