Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer's Prayer

come on, some one

some thing

some where


the walking man said...

5 inches of rain came here yesterday, all of the suburbs flooded with up to 9 feet of water on some expressways, all 5 of which closed down. My wife took 4 hours to come from the DiL's house in the burbs to home in the slum. We had rain but the sewers more than kept up with it. Detroit be so mean even the weather won't stop to use the washroom here.

Or was it heat you were talking about and the fast lagging summer heat? So sorry Autumn started last week.


Aniket Thakkar said...

It hadn't rained much here this year, but still one one day, I had to walk from my office to home, with water up to my thighs on the roads.

So yeah, the only thing that I look forward to is that - winter is coming.

Juniper said...

This is beautiful. The image and the words together capture 'something' perfectly...