Wednesday, December 16, 2015


(Icarus III, oil on panel, by Katherine Stone)

Dash this heart
against the rocks--

the lack of urgency

terrifies me.

I'd rather splatter,

shatter, be Icarus

than exist 

another minute

Like a songbird


in the hour
before dawn,

and everyone



Charles Gramlich said...

Haunting image.

the walking man said...

Wait a minute Sarah, I am never asleep at that hour so if you want to sing, i will hear and i will count it a prize for me alone. Let them be dashed who dare to sleep when the nights music trills.

Sarah Hina said...

Charles, I agree.

Mark, I believe you. You've been listening a long time.
Thank you for saying just the right thing.

Carl Sharpe said...

A little gem, Sara. Nicely crafted.

Sarah Hina said...

Thanks so much, Carl. I appreciate your stopping by. (And I'm sorry for never responding to your kind email some weeks/months ago.)

Carl Sharpe said...

Sara, please e-mail me at If you choose not to publish some poems on VerseWrights, that is fine, but I would at least like to investigate the possibility with you. Thank you so much.


Carl Sharpe said...

This will be my last try. Sarah, would you please contact me? We have 250 fine poets, and I would love to see you join them. I will not bother you again if I do not hear back.--Carl

Smitha said...

its such a lovely poem Sarah

Sarah Hina said...

Smitha, thank you. :)