Friday, February 19, 2016

Ver Klimt

I wake
from my sleep
with a song
in my head
and your lips
on my neck—



Feel the kick
of my blood
as the dream
takes shape


the walking man said...

Ok Sarah--I have to admit I had to do a bit or research into Klimt and the Vienna Secession movement, never having heard of either the artist or the school of thought. Reading your piece in that light I have to say you conform very well to the idea's they formed their unconventional, but meaningful, body of work around. Lord knows you have the talent to delve into whatever waters you choose and add life to them.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like it would be an interesting dream

Sarah Hina said...

Mark, you may be giving me more credit than I deserve, but I'll take it, happily.

I love Klimt's sketches, though. Maybe more than his finished work, even, though I love that, too.

Charles, oh it wasn't real, but then, dreams never are. :)