Friday, January 20, 2017

A New Nation

There is no
deus ex machina,

There is only
the machine—
and us 

I hope we all meet this moment with fierce resolve. I hope we find reservoirs of courage and conviction inside ourselves we never knew we had. 

I hope we select a few issues we're utterly committed to and hound the hell out of our congressional representatives and senators when they're in danger of being trampled. My priorities are:

1. Health care
2. Climate change
3. Civil rights

My rep is Steve Stivers. My Republican senator is Rob Portman. They're in my iPhone contact list now. If they hold a public forum in my area, you can bet I'll be there, asking questions. Making my opinion heard. Forcing the media to pay attention. 

Find your reps here:

So many of my illusions have been shattered in the last year. But I still believe in the kindness and decency of an enlightened people. I still believe that most people will do the right thing if they have access to good information.  

I still love my country and think she's worth fighting for. 

But this is America now. 

Donald Trump is the president.

Who will we become?      


strugglingwriter said...

My only hope is that now we've seen the real America now (at least as it pertains to those that actually vote and under the Electoral College system). It is out there in the open. Now we can fight against that. The monster has a name.

Sarah Hina said...

And nothing to hide behind--so long as the media does its job.

the walking man said...

Sarah I do not count the upcoming drawn lines of nationalist fervor, unflinching bias, and outright misdirection that is rolling out of the White House as anything near the America I know. The great internal struggle will be to not allow your self to be worn down in the face of what is going to be the last gasp of the old white middle class who once again voted against their own best interests.

Living in one of the three states that tipped the election to Trump is a trip. Two Democrat Senators but with a fully Republican state government. People have been bitching about Snyder and the do little to nothing in the light of day legislature for 2 years now--but did the state vote for change or resist the gerrymandering? Oh hell no.

If the nation goes the route of MI then taxes are going up, money will be sent to cronies, infrastructure will be willfully abandoned on the altar of "no money," and them that thought they wanted this will find that the knot is so tight that it can't be undone. BUT they will still gloat to mask their fears as time rolls forward.

I agree that if the only activism one can muster is phone calls then make them or protests then march in them or town halls then show up for them. Yet there are other ways to make your presence known, educate any who will listen, band together with other writers, singers, painters and devise your own craft works against the terrible things that are going to be perpetrated.

After having lived through the 60's-70's I had hoped to never see this level of dysfunction again, sadly it is upon us. So I will rise to the occasion as I ever have and may you never tire in this battle for the soul of the nation.

Be Well


Sarah Hina said...

As usual, Mark, you cut through to the heart of the thing.

It's astonishing that we're here. And yet the rot has been working away quietly for years. Trump, in a way, is the logical conclusion to what the Republicans started during impeachment and the Bush years, culminating in Palin and the Tea Party. And yes, gerrymandering is the biggest overlooked story in all of this. It's so insidious to our democracy--but too boring for the media to sustain interest in for long.

Anyway, I am glad you're helping to lead the charge. And thanks for the reminder to use my pen, and not only my voice.

Be well too, my friend.

Charles Gramlich said...

That is the issue. To fight the good fight and keep it up. It's easy to do for one day, or a few days. But day after day, year after year. It is exhausting, but necessary