Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Strand

If I were to swing
from Luna’s trapeze,
and trace Earth’s ribs
with the quills of
this mane, let my
knees finally give
atop Dolphin’s Smile,
the lip where the
moon suckles foam

I think they call it The Strand.

[Thank you to Christine Eldin for
asking me to write a poem including
the word "Strand." I really enjoyed the
spirit of her Before Sunrise challenge.
This one's for you, Chris!]


ChrisEldin said...

Oh, it's beautiful!!!
Thank you!!!!
I'm going to show it to DH.

I wish I could write like you. It's just not in me.

ChrisEldin said...

Sarah, you inspired me to start a new feature on my blog! I wish I'd thought of it sooner. I see so many pieces out there that are so moving.

Sarah Hina said...

You're welcome, Chris!

And I love your writing. So shut it, sister. ;)

I'm glad I could return some of that inspiration! I really enjoyed this. I look forward to seeing that new feature!

Vesper said...

And what a beautiful poem it is. Wonderful imagery!

I've tagged you for a meme! :-)

Aine said...

Oooh-- I wish I were a painter. I'd love to see this in a visual medium. It has a wonderful combination of fantasy and sci-fi and romance.

This poem swirled about in my head while I was running errands this morning. I find beaches (empty ones, of course) to be highly sacred parts of our planet. Perhaps it has to do with it being the place where land and water marry.

Of course, silly me had to get past seeing Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter when I first read it (I'm incurable...).

Sarah Hina said...

Thanks, Vesper! And I'll get on that meme. :)

For some reason, Aine, this poem refuses to "click" for me today. I have even cheated and changed a few small words, but no go. I'm still glad Chris gave me the word, though. I just wanted to do more with it.

But you're so right about beaches. My best friend got married on a beach. It was the most beautiful ceremony I've ever seen. I wish we lived closer to the ocean.

And LOL about Harry! I should have used the Greek "Diana" instead. ;)

Anonymous said...

The moon on the water.

I can feel it.

The strand is a forever place.

Sarah Hina said...

If the world were carved up into a kind of Venn diagram of earth, sky, and water, Jason, the strand would occupy that immortal center.

And I think we, too, can feel a little eternal there.

Ello said...

That was lovely as usual. I love your writing. I feel like I can see the beauty of your soul in it.

Sarah Hina said...

Thank you, Ello. That's a beautiful thing to say.

But I must admit that I burst out laughing when I saw your comment. The new animation on your avatar is just too much. :)

Billy said...

Pure music to the ear and soul!