Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forget Me Not

When my spine is but a scar in the earth,
body broken of all toothsome need,
let some blood-germ of its longing
swamp white roots with this blue ballad

So when rigored beneath a bone moon,
my starry one might pluck a
hail-mary constellation,
inhale its light-years heat, and


[Thanks to my favorite blog couple for
recommending the film, Somewhere in Time.
Its music is theirs (and Rachmaninoff's). Photo of
forget-me-nots in my "movie"
courtesy of Pete Harlow.]


Aine said...

:D What a pleasant surprise! I love that you paired forget-me-nots with that most perfect piece of music. It will always sing in the deepest part of my heart. (As I'm typing, Jason is playing it on the piano...)

I love the image of "my spine is but a scar in the earth." Our time here is but a fragment of a second. But, those who create will find immortality.

You, Sarah, will be remembered.

Anonymous said...

Aine didn't mention that I was playing this piece at the time. Inspired by your beautiful post. :)

Everytime I read your verses here, they sweep me away all the more. I can't think of a more passionate expression of death than what you've created. To imbue heat into those bleached bones in their repose is a brilliant stroke.

And I'm not being influenced by the acknowledgement either. ;)

Thank you!

Hotwire said...

hail-mary constellation=fabulous!

Sarah Hina said...

And you, Aine, are a dear friend to say such a thing. Thank you. :)

I know how meaningful this music is to you and Jason. And I want so badly to believe that the connections we make in this life outlast us through some strange alchemy. I think poetry is a small, if vibrant, fingerprint of that desire. I was here, and I loved.

That's great that you can play this piece on the piano, Jason! I would love to hear it. :)

I'm glad this poem touched you. If we are able to conquer death in any way, I think it would be in small miracles like this. Our spent bodies giving life to new organisms. Someone collecting memories on the other side of the chain. The poem that follows. It's not enough, but it's something.

And you're welcome. :) I enjoyed writing it.

Hotwire, that line came to me while I walked the dog! I was waiting for it, with my arms raised to grab it. ;)

Hoodie said...

wow, each word is like a power punch.

You're such a heavy hitter when it comes to poetry. This was beautiful. I KNEW I should have gone blog-surfing instead of doing the dishes. ")

Scott said...

Somewhere in Time is one of my favorite movies. I still remember the clutch in my heart when he sees the date on the coin. Ouch.

Sarah Hina said...

And I'm glad you did, Hoodie. :) I think part of the reason poetry is so potent is that each word has to count. Thanks for the kind words!

That was a devastating scene, Scott. To have such happiness snatched from them was a cruel turn.

I'm glad you enjoyed the movie so! It is interesting to see which films stand the test of time. From what I understand, Somewhere in Time maintains a very loyal following. :)

Scott said...

I had a crush on Jane Seymour as well, so that didn't make it one bit easier. I'm not one to get all sloppy at romance movies, but that was exceptionally brutal, topped in surprise endings by only the Sixth Sense.

Ello said...

Beautiful. Your power over words is amazing to me. I can't write poetry and I so appreciate when I read yours all the more because of my lack of ability for it.

Ello said...

Sarah, please pop by and possibly help spread the word that Dr. Gigi Durham, the author of the Lolita Effect, the media sexualization of young girls and what we can do about it, is guest appearing on my blog this coming WEdnesday to answer questions on this very important topic. I really hope to see you then!

Sarah Hina said...

She was ridiculously pretty in this, Scott, so I well understand. ;) And yes, it was brutal, though they did reunite in some gauzy destination that looked suspiciously like an early 80's idea of Heaven...

Thank you, Ello! And you'll definitely see me there. :)

Vesper said...

Beautiful music and forget-me-not.

When my spine is but a scar in the earth

"Somewhere in Time" has always been one of my favourite movies. I remember that photo of Jane Seymour's that Christopher Reeve had, with that look on her face, full of light and love; at some point in the movie they are showing the moment the picture was taken, and it was the moment she saw him - it was one of those moments that break your heart with beauty, and happiness, and sadness...