Thursday, August 28, 2008


remembering that night.
September's coming soon,
I'm pining for the moon.

--R.E.M., Nightswimming


Bodies swollen by August's moon,
we sliced the surface glimmer

Me reaching for your hand,
you pulling deeper


"Nightswimming" has long been my favorite R.E.M. song. I think the lyrics, and the video, succeed in creating a genuinely naked, hopeful moment, even while mourning its passing. The nostalgia cuts deep in this one, but summer isn't over yet. Better take the plunge.

And on that note...

Any good skinny-dipping stories to share ? :)

I'm not particular. Day, or night, will do.

What do you remember?


Anonymous said...

Ah, that's an evocative picture. :)

To love a moment and mourn its immiment passing at the same time...I know that feeling all to well. A good part of what I do in writing and photography is to snatch a piece of it to keep it safe before it slips away.

As for skinny dipping, I think only in a hot tub, which isn't quite as exciting as a lake or something. Except when it's at your parents house....

Sarah Hina said...

Hmm...I don't think this story's finished, Jason. Don't leave me hanging. ;)

Thanks for the comment about the pic. It wasn't quite what I had in mind, but maybe if you squint, you can see a moon.

I feel much the same way about writing and photography. I think these feelings are more prevalent as the seasons change, too. I want to get out and snatch as much of summer as possible. :)

Aine said...

No, summer is not over yet. And, we still have Indian summer, which I'm actually looking forward to this year since August has been unusually cool.

Autumn has always been my favorite season. Likewise, I'm hopeful that as I enter my autumn years I will find that they will be the most exciting yet.

Jason has covered the skinny-dipping story nicely. Sadly, we have nothing more exciting to share.

Nice photo! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm afraid I've never listened to much REM. I've gone skinny dipping, though. We used to have a lot of shale pits in our area of Arkansas and they were generally very secluded with the banks covered by cedars. Quite a bit of skinny dipping there.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Lovely lyrics!I am afraid I do not have any stories to share,not tried it yet ;)

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

No stories to share. I guess I need to make some!

I don't own any R.E.M. albums, but they are a solid band. I'm sure they feel better now I said that. :)


Sarah Hina said...

Jason has not covered the skinny-dipping story nicely, Aine! Details, people. ;)

(Although I have nothing to share in this department, so I shouldn't be lecturing people.)

I'm looking forward to Indian Summer as well. And fall. The transitional seasons are my favorite, too. Spring might win out for me, though. It's on the right side of winter. :)

Charles, that sounds like a wonderful retreat! I'm glad you got to enjoy that experience in such seclusion. Thanks for sharing that memory.

Sameera, that's okay. There's still time. ;)

Paul, that's the right spirit! And thanks about the photo. :)

R.E.M. was my favorite band during my college years. There was something about that ache in Stipe's voice. I suppose I felt the same sort of hunger.

And yes, I'm sure they feel better now, too. ;)

Whirlochre said...

I'm with you on the transitional seasons.

Summer and winter thrust themselves at you, like they're so convinced of their own swagger they think they'll be an instant hit with everyone.

Spring has some of that, only softer.

But in September, it's a time to go looking for the future among the falling dead.

Not into REM, but I like the lyrics and will look this up.

And, haven't, as yet, skinny dup.

Sarah Hina said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Whirlochre! I love to see new faces. :)

And your descriptions of the seasons are so evocative. Spring is more muted than summer, and autumn always whispers. With a blog called Murmurs, it's no wonder I prefer these seasons. ;)

Vesper said...

Fantastic picture, Sarah!
And the words too, yours and R.E.M.'s, they just go straight to my heart and there they clasp it with a beautiful melancholy...

Sorry, no spicy stories to share.

Hotwire said...

midnight pool-hopping down one side of the street and back up the other!

ChrisEldin said...

No takers yet? hmmmm...

Senior year. high school. boy who was rumored to be gay (and was) but oh so smooth. drove a porsche which in high school is very cool. brought beer. lots of beers. how many cars, I don't remember. but all souped up. one a 1966 remade Mustang. Sahweet. Boys and girls all. Oh, it was so much fun.

We met at midnight at some lake one of us found. Turned off headlights and let cars drift down the hill to the lake. had to turn down the music as well. all of us drinking and driving on those gravelly country roads.

everyone got out of the cars at once. the boys all had to pee. so their taking off their pants to pee, and the girls taking off shirts but no bras. we were all soon in underwear. a couple of hours went by as we all stood around, half naked and nobody kissing or anything, and just drinking and talking.

finally one of us gets in. pretends it's not cold but of course it's fucking cold so the second person turns it into a dare. we all get in and the buzz is frozen out of us. we stumble out of the lake in our underwear. quickly dress to warm up. we all pile into different cars. headlights, engines, and music all turn on at once.

all of us head home. 4am.

yes, i got caught.

it was worth it.

ChrisEldin said...

I'm 20 years younger right now, Sarah. Thanks for the jaunt down memory lane....

Sarah Hina said...

Beautifully put, Vesper! And you're forgiven for the lack of spicy stories. ;) Alas, I'm lacking, too.

Wow, Hotwire! That's awesome. :)

Yay, Chris!!! Thank you--I wanted details, damnit. ;)

I could see the glow of the headlights cutting through early morning fog, hear the rev of engines and the tunes inside, and feel the cold grass (and water) on my toes. Thanks for sharing.

And of course it was worth it!!

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