Friday, February 20, 2009


Washed and rinsed,
steamy with citrus,
she unknotted hair,
limed winter bones,
and flexed the wrinkles
from a blank
parchment skin

while drawing
her cheek like a
along the leaf
of his back,
she would think
of crocuses
poking their noses
through a storm of
spring earth


(I could not find the name of the artist,
but I discovered the painting here)


Catvibe said...

Ah the essence of Spring is brewing underground...

Truck Stop Rewrite said...

i love your work all.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful ode to the liberation of spring. :) The metaphor of the raindrop was so striking. It brought an unexpected, warm sensuality.

Sarah Hina said...

Cat, may it sprout, and soon!

Truck Stop Rewrite, thank you so much. Your appreciation means a lot to me.

Jason, thanks. :) Sometimes, spring needs that nudge.

Bob said...

Beautiful poem... simple... sensuous... excellent.

Sarah Hina said...

Bob, I'm glad this poem touched you. I guess I'm imploring spring to, well, spring! :)

Karen said...

This has a beautiful structure, Sarah. I love the unknotting and liming in preparation and then the nudge toward springtime. I can almost smell this poem.

This image is beautiful:
"while drawing
her cheek like a
along the leaf
of his back,"

The painting is a perfect complement to the poem.

the walking man said...

Sarah, like the others who commented on "Stirrings" I also enjoyed greatly the vision of a coming spring.

But I also see a linear quality here that captivates the poet in me.

The present becoming past with the word "later" and future dreamed of in the now present as she lays with her lover, dreaming.

Just like time a seamless flow in the structure. Beautifully done.

Sarah Hina said...

Karen, I do love the soft color of that painting. I wish I could give the artist proper credit.

I'm glad this poem touched you in a sensory way. I think we all can almost smell those crocuses won't be long now. :)

Walking Man, I don't even know that I was aware of that layering while writing it, but I love that you found it there. Trying to squeeze all time into a sacred moment...that sounds right to me.

I always find your comments so enlightening. Thank you for your insights. :)

Alexandra Garland said...

So beautiful and sensual picture painted with words…

David Cranmer said...

Karen already highlighted my favorite part of the poem... It's always a pleasure to stop by here.

Aniket Thakkar said...

I am so sorry but this one made me quite sad! The spring is giving way to summers out here! And I just realized how much am going to miss the springs now (considering summers are wayy hot here)!

Beautifully written... as always! :)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I agree with others who
highlighted these lines as fabulous:

while drawing
her cheek like a
along the leaf
of his back,

Love and spring just naturally go together. You have illustrated this elegantly, in words that emerge as gracefully as that first crocus pushing through a thin crust of snow.

George said...

This year more than most, is taken longer to subside from the cold grip as reflected in the wintry words around the blogs.

Your painting of words "poking their noses through a storm of spring earth" the wonder on looking forward to the warmer days...

Thank you sharing the warmth...

Sarah Hina said...

Alexandra, thank you so much for stopping by and for your warm words!

David, and I always enjoy my visits to your blog, too. Thank you. :)

Aniket, I'm sorry you're lamenting spring's passing. I well understand the sense of loss. Summers are good to me, but I hear you about the heat. I hope you can stay cool! :)

Hfm, thanks! I'm glad you came by.

K, thank you for pointing out those lines. They were the heart of the poem to me, too. Your perceptive, kind comments always touch me greatly. :)

The birth of spring and love do go hand in hand. Or if not the birth of love, at least love renewed. :)

George, you're quite welcome. :) And thank you for your warm words of appreciation in turn.

I feel that fever of desire for spring sparking within other blogs, too. It can't come too soon!