Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Interview with Aerin Bender-Stone

Today I'm in the hot seat for Aerin Bender-Stone's "7 Step Scoop" interview at In Search of Giants.  In our discussion, I confess to a pretty serious Coke habit, reveal my own pathetic history of being dumped via email, and admit to a passionate, Parisian affair with this mystery man: 

I'm pretty sure author-dom is turning me into an incurable liar.  In addition to all the raging narcissism, I give myself three months before the first nervous breakdown.  Exxxcellent.   

But seriously, check out the interview.  Aerin is one of those friends who will step up for you time and time again, and in truly unforgettable fashion.  I first met her through a Clarity of Night contest, where her entries consistently ranked among my favorites (no pressure or anything this time around, Aerin).  Intelligent, yet always deeply felt, her work is instantly recognizable to me and always touches the right nerve.  I'd also highly recommend ordering a copy of get born magazine's current Summer issue, where Aerin writes in stark and moving terms about her son's autism. 

So come on by!  And just so you know, my blog-tour dance card is still open!  So if, like Aerin, you'd like to interview me, review the book, or offer me a guest post slot on your blog, get your back off that wall, and give this a whirl.  I promise--I won't even step on your toes.  Much. 

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She can read!  She can read!  Plum Blossoms excerpt read aloud. 

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I will be choosing the winners of Aniket's Plum Blossoms flash fiction contest on Friday, July 23rd!  I was very pleased with the number of entries and the quality of the work.  So stay tuned for the big announcement!! 


Travis Erwin said...

I ordered my copy via my local Hasting store well over a week ago and it still has not arrived. I called to check yesterday and all they said it was on order.

Charles Gramlich said...

Travis, that must mean there's been a run on copies and they can't keep up with demand!

Jennifer said...


I am SO sorry it has taken me this long to get here. My mother in law left a week ago, but we went right into bronchitis with my oldest son and a very scary stomach thing with my daughter. (who gets sick in the summer???) I am just coming up for air.

I finsihed Plum Blossoms while my mother in law was here. It was such a perfect, perfect time to read it. It gave me something to look forward to, and somehow oriented me outside of my reality. I actually missed Daisy. During the day, I would think, hmmm, I wonder what she and Mathieu are doing (or arguing about ;) ) now. :)

I loved the book. Big surprise, right? I remember once you saying you thought of it as more literary than romance; I completely agree. The ending itself would suggest as much, but in addition,this was a character-driven story, absolutely, and not a neat and tidy Cinderella story. It's about Daisy's evolution and I love what you did there. I don't want to say too much because some people haven't read it yet, but soon!

Your writing was effortless to read--I remember putting off reading The Namesake for a long time because I found the present tense jarring--somehow, I just could not get lost in the story. But I was immediately lost in Daisy's. In fact, since I had such little free time during my in-law visit, I finally just stayed up until 3:30 one morning to finish it. I HAD to know what happened. (BTW, I still want to know--you know, what comes after. Any chance of a sequel? :) )

Anyway, this is insufficient as a response, I know. Late and not doing justice to any of it. Please forgive me! I just don't want to talk specifics until everyone has read it. But sometime maybe we could get the old gang to do a book chat??

Good luck with everything! I hope you sell a bazillion copies!!!

Take good care,

Sarah Hina said...

Travis, I'm still concerned about the distribution, because the release date was mistakenly changed. I hope it comes soon.

But thank you so much for putting in a special order. It means a lot.

I guess I'll have to forgive you for being a Dr. Pepper fan.

Charles, oh, if that were only true! Thanks for the optimism, my friend. :)


No apologies necessary. (Are you crazy??) You've just made me very, very happy. I'm so glad you enjoyed it--I've been battling all sorts of insecurities, and truly wasn't sure about the book's reception. You, in addition to some other friends, have gone a long way toward settling my nerves.

I have always trusted your judgment (maybe because it so closely aligns with mine). So this means the world to me. Thank you.

And sure--let's get a Plum Blossoms book club together. :) Seeing how long it's been since I wrote the thing, I'd probably learn a thing or two from you guys, too!

On, one last thing--I really hope all the illnesses are gone from your household. Do you mind if I ask what the stomach thing was? Our son has something weird going on, too, and it's freaking me out a little. I took him to the doctor, and it might be a parasite. She said there was also a small possibility of Hep. A (picked up in our local lake water). Pending further tests.

Anyway, you know it doesn't take much to freak a mom out. You must have been worried to death! I really hope everyone's on the mend, and that you can enjoy some peace and quiet (and writing time!) now that your MIL is gone. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry you're dealing with summer illness as well! My daughter ended up just having some sort of virus--it was scary because she couldn't keep anything down for a longer time than we've ever dealt with before and were looking at admission for IV fluids, and of course my husband was out of town. Fortunately, she turned the corner an hour before our appt.

I hope that your son's tests give you some information soon, and that he gets back to normal quickly. Sending you a big hug--it is so stressful when your kids are sick.

And I can't believe you were nervous about PB's reception! It's such a nice mix of humor, romance, culture, art, philosophy, politics--all woven into a coherent narrative. And who could not love Daisy, adorable, more fearless than she might have imagined, infused with such integrity?'s the next one coming? ;)

Sarah Hina said...

Aw, thanks, Jennifer. :)

Our son's doing a little better; we think it could possibly be parasitic, though, so we have to get an, er, sample to take to the lab. And of course...he refuses to go now. Figures. ;)

So, so glad your daughter got better. I can't imagine how scared you must have been. Ain't motherhood just grand?

The next book is going slow right now, because of all this promotional stuff for PB. I don't like it, but I know I'll get back to it soon. Grumble, grumble.

How about yours? Are you into revisions yet?