Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poem Blossoms at His Place

Why the different look?  Because I've got a guest poem at Lyrics and Maladies, that's why.  And today, I'm swinging with Bootsy and Macy, as we light up the Eiffel Tower with--what else?--an accordion song.  

But first, let me acknowledge something--I feel a little guilty.  See, Joaquin Carvel posts a new poem every Thursday.  And he has a very devoted following of readers, including myself, who looks forward to Thursdays for this reason.  This is not hyperbole.  It's just the way things are.  Joaquin is a poet of such considerable talent, of such rare, intuitive lyricism, that I've often thought it unfair that so few people have the chance to read his work.  So if any good can come from my usurping his place for a week, I hope it's to lead some of you to his blog for the very first time.  Stay awhile, and scroll down the page.  You will not regret it.  Of that I am certain (and I'm never certain).

Okay.  Again, if anyone else would like to interview me, let me guest post on your blog, review the book, or play with my postcard, send me an email at Sarah.Hina AT  Thanks.


Stephen Parrish said...

I found Joaquin thanks to you.

Another wonderful poem, Sarah. Please keep them coming.

joaquin carvel said...

you've nothing to feel guilty about. except maybe that wild night with bootsy and macy, but that's between you guys.

anyway - thank you. if i'd known i was going to get that kind of endorsement i would have let you guest post months ago. :)

Sarah Hina said...

Steve, thanks again. I was happy for the chance to write it.

Methinks your interview is up next. If only somebody would send the questions...

Joaquin, I'm going to need a much cooler name to fit in with Bootsy and Macy. Daisy could work it, though.

It was my pleasure to say some nice things about your work. It's never hard to speak the truth. And thanks again for the wonderful reception at your place. :)

Margaret said...

Just been over to Joaquin's blog and LIKED what I found! :)

Sarah Hina said...

Margaret, if you're talking about his work, then I knew you would! :)