Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Parrish the Thought

Aerin Bender-Stone (whose writing I've long been a fan of, and whose adorable kids make my Facebook membership well worth the privacy violations) is throwing a week-long book launch/birthday party at Parrish the Thought. You may have heard about Stephen Parrish and his wonderful debut novel, The Tavernier Stones, on this blog once or twice before.  At any rate, Aerin didn't have to twist our arms too hard to take part in the festivities.  Steve is an amazing writer, great friend, and all-around swell guy.  It's nice to be able to give something back to someone who's given so much to the community. 

Plus (PLUS!) there are prizes to be had!  Including books, critiques and gift cards!  Questions to answer!  Games to win!  And my own pet project--a collaborative writing experiment, in which we put Steve INTO his own stories. 


What're you waiting for?  Swing on by Parrish the Thought.  Join the debauchery.  And make some new friends. 


Richard Levangie said...

It's just SMUT over there today.

Your readers might want to give it a miss!

Sarah Hina said...

We all ought to wade in the filth from time to time. ;)

Wednesday is turning out to be a lot of fun...am eagerly awaiting Aerin's installment.

Aniket said...

Been there, done that... :)

Sarah Hina said...