Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As writers, we should never fall back on clichés. 

 But this picture says more than I ever could with words. 


Travis Erwin said...

Can't wait to read it.

Karen said...

Congratulations! How do we get autographed copies?

Stephen Parrish said...

The only problem with this picture is they're all in a box and none is yet in my hands.

Charles Gramlich said...

For a moment I thought they were boxes of candies. They do indeed look scrumptious.

Richard Levangie said...

I hope you stuck in your thumb,
and pulled out a Plum
and said "what a good girl am I!"

Oh, dear god, I'm lame!

But I'm excited for you, too! And hopefully that makes up for this comment.

Melissa Sarno said...

Wow, that is terribly exciting. Congratulations! I look forward to reading it :-)

Sarah Hina said...

Travis, thank you!

Karen, send me your address. I have copies now! And my autograph is only an illegible scrawl away. :)

Steve, you know what they say about anticipation being better than the actual--

Alright, I'll shut my trap now. Thanks.

Charles, plum-flavored candies. :) Thank you!

Richard, don't you know by now? Lame just so happens to be a specialty of mine. :)

Actually, I was thinking of one of my favorite lines from The English Patient. When Hana slips the flesh of the fruit through his scarred lips, and Almasy says: "It's a very plum . . . plum."

This was a very plum box. :)

Melissa, it was a great feeling to open that box. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

So very cool.

Like you said on Facebook. Dreams come true.

I don't think it's a shock to anybody who has read you work, though, that you have achieved this.

Sarah Hina said...

Paul, thank you! That was an exceptionally nice thing to say. :)

joaquin carvel said...


i checked - the barnes and nobles near me all show "out of stock".

so it's either not here yet or flying off the shelves.

soon, though. soon.

Joni said...

That is SO GREAT! I am very excited to read it.

Congrats again. I love seeing my friends get wins.

Sarah Hina said...

Joaquin, so here's where we're at: the book was mistakenly sent to a few Barnes & Noble bookstores, before its official pub date (and that mistake let the genie out of the bottle, as far as Amazon and B&N online are concerned). But my publisher stopped shipment to any other stores, and are waiting for the original August 1st release date.

Whew. Thank you for giving me the chance to explain that to people who were curious about the discrepancy. And for the "awesome." :)

Joni, I love being able to see you now in your avatar! You look great.

And thank you for the enthusiasm. It means a lot to me. :)

Jennifer said...

I got it, I got it, I got it!!!!! :) Now I just need my house full of in-laws to leave so I can read, read, read. :)

Congrats--it is so enormously cool to hold your book!!!!!

Sarah Hina said...

Thank you, Jennifer!!

I'll admit to being anxious about people reading it. Just remember--it was written four years ago, blah, blah, excuses, blah. ;)

Thanks for letting me know. I was definitely curious! :)

Aniket said...

That sure is one lovely picture! :D

Completely agree with Charles, they sure look like a box of candies.