Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Pulled for submission


Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful! And I know of what you speak too, I ran years ago a few times a week, by a lake.It always restored my spirit.

So glad I clicked through from Vesper's blog.

Happy Week, G

the walking man said...

Great piece of expressionism. I do like that you give me texture and felling to go with the sight and sound of feet slapping ground.

BUT now Sarah if you're gonna run outside (or even inside) doing only like 6k will only help you. You have to do 12k if you're going to knock the weight off of me.

strugglingwriter said...

I think I'd find myself slowing down near the lake, to take in the scenery :)

Another lovely poem.


Vesper said...

and the cloak of a heron,
surveying its horizon

Always, Sarah, always you have such poignant images. You're such a skill painter with words.

Vesper said...

You'll read "skilled" of course. :-)
Sorry about the typo!

Sarah Hina said...

Skill or skilled, I'm pleased as punch. :)

You're such a thoughtful commenter, Vesper. It's appreciated.

Sarah Hina said...

Wovendreams, thanks for coming by! I'm so glad you could relate to this one.

Mark, I'm on it! (I had been training for a half marathon, but that's going to have to wait awhile.)

Paul, luckily I'm already moving pretty slow. :) Thanks!

Aniket Thakkar said...

The new place I'm shifting to is next to a sea. I hope to do some walking (if not running) by the sea.

I can only pray that it does half as many great things to the senses to me, as it does to you.

For half as good as you, makes me a very happy guy.