Monday, February 18, 2013


From mountaintop
to mountaintop

we embark on the path
of survival,

searching for the guru
who will grant us eternal arrival.

Instead, we scramble upwards
to enjoy the view

before we start in wondering

how the next summit's vista
could be better.

But time's face will slowly condense
into a single, fixed point

where contour lines grow infinite,
and we'll see our mountains

for the ring they've carved,
with an ego-sized crater

keeping the middle,
cradling all that we have sown.

So when I step
on my shadow's heels

and my feet shuffle off
the eroding ledge,

I hope I will wish
for dandelion wisps,

and nothing more,
to greet me in the valley.


Wendy said...

Great way to spend a month, Sarah!

the walking man said...

Mountaintops are good for a short time. Long enough to pick a direction then climb slowly down to the valley where humanity can live. I wish for your valley to always have a blush of color far beyond dandelion wisps.

strugglingwriter said...

"I hope I will wish
for dandelion wisps,

and nothing more,
to greet me in the valley."

That is beautiful. This is my favorite thus far.


Sarah Hina said...

Wendy, it was an interesting run. Thanks!

Mark, aw, I have a ton of color in my life. Thank you, my friend and own, personal mountain guru. :)

Likely this came out more melancholy than I intended.

Paul, yay! That makes me very happy, indeed. :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Dandelion wisps always remind me of this:

One of my favorite songs to listen to.

Yay, for the 30th! :)