Saturday, November 24, 2007

Chair, Luxembourg Gardens

They want to scatter your ashes into this black and white impression. A bleached Seurat, with all the dots connected.

“Do you need me to write the obituary, Maman? Just say the word.”

You were hopeless at speaking French. I could barely pronounce your prickly name.

“We really need to get on this. If we want to make the Sunday edition.”

I wore a dress meant for Sundays. You spun your hat on a sun-sweetened finger.

“It’s just a matter of getting our facts straight. What year did Dad graduate from Brown?”

I dipped my toes in a nervous fountain. You laughed, and juggled Cezanne’s peaches.

“Do you remember?”

The juice dribbled down my chin.


I touch this paper chin.

What do I remember?

Not enough (a chair in Paris).

Now empty (too much).

He moved deeper than all color.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words

Anonymous said...

. . . so powerful. Captured. So well expressed . . .

Church Lady said...

If this world were endowed with x units of writing talent, it's not fair you get most of them!

This is beautiful and powerful!! How do you get your ideas?

Shameless said...

Very moving, Sarah! :-) Wow.

Hotwire said...

that is beautiful!

Sarah Hina said...

Easywriter, Wayne, Shameless, and Hotwire: Thank you for reading and responding. I really appreciate the kind words and enthusiasm. :)

CL, Lol! Luckily, I think there are more than enough units to spread around. I seem to remember loving your piece for Jason's contest. In general, this little circle of bloggers is very well-endowed. ;)

Since this was the final part of this series, I wanted to write a piece that touched on loss and memory. The photo, with its empty chair and late afternoon light, really evoked those sentiments to me.

I'm glad you liked it!

Nothingman said...

very lovely, and if you imagine the little dark blob in the background as a shark, it gives a very interesting twist to the maybe thats just me...



rOhit said...

Very nicely put up.. :)

You've got a wonderful blog here :)

Happy writing :D

Sarah Hina said...

Nothingman: so that's why the chair is empty! ;)

Rohit: Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. :)

Jaye Wells said...

You evoke the yearning caused by loss so well. Thank you for another beautiful story.

Sarah Hina said...

Thank you, Jaye!


Abhinav said...

You simply weave a story out of a simple image. That's what I love about you.

Anonymous said...

These dualities are fascinating. You are diving into subtle conflicts and finding the water warm.

Also, many of your descriptions sparkle.

Sarah Hina said...

I forgot to thank both of you, Abhinav and Jason. I am very touched by your comments.

Jennifer said...

I love the daughter's asking "Do you remember" juxtaposed with the remembering, the eternal effort to remember that has been set in motion, the hinting at how she will not be gentle enough with herself for failing to remember more. Achingly beautiful. I'm sorry it took me so long to read this series, but thank you for posting the link now!

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