Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ready, set...


This inaugural post is just to offer a tentative hello, as I attempt to overcome my beginner's anxiety about posting...on the internet...where anyone can judge me...(even, or especially, that goofy kid from high school with the ear wax collection--Hi, Eric!)...forever and ever...until I just can't bear the white-hot scrutiny, and delete the whole damn thing.

So hello. And welcome.

This blog will be a repository for my fiction (particularly flash fiction pieces) and, hopefully, the omnipresent kick in the pants I need to write on days when I would just rather look at other people's, well, blogs. I can't really say what this hole-in-the-wall will become, but at least I'm out there now, a stealthy Murmur beneath the roar.

Naked, and shivering.


John Elder Robison said...

Well, good luck to you and welcome to the blog world. I have met many nice people through my own blog.

And good luck with the writing, too. . . one never knows where it may lead.

Best wishes

Sarah Hina said...

Thanks so much, John. As a fellow AWer, I've been delighted to hear about your book's success.

And you have a great blog. :)

John Elder Robison said...

This writing thing sure is a trip . . . when I started that last book of mine, I had no idea where it would lead.

Same thing with the blog. Back in January I had no traffic, and now I get thousands of visitors. Who'd have guessed it would take off like that?

Sarah Hina said...

It is remarkable how rapidly things evolve on the internet.

Of course, it helps to write a best-selling, well-reviewed book. Still gotta work on that one...


Aniket said...
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