Saturday, March 14, 2009

Letters: Homecoming

This is the video vignette I wrote to complete my series,
Letters. I apologize for the blurring that occurred during
the upload to youtube. If you would rather view it
in a larger format (recommended!), click here. I hope you
can read the text clearly, and that you enjoy the
conclusion of the series. I will miss these characters,
and our discussions of them, too.

(For those of you new to the blog, Letters is my
series exploring a war-time relationship across
the miles. To find the beginning, click here.)


David Cranmer said...

Good job on the video and I know what you mean about missing these characters. I've really enjoyed Letters over the last couple of months. Thanks Sara.

Catvibe said...

I am sobbing. SOBBING, DO YOU HEAR ME! That was so incredibly poignant and delicious with the music and you are a fricking GENIUS Sarah. Now I'm going to go cry into my pillow.

Karen said...

This is perfect, Sarah, perfect. First, the form - perfect ending, just beautifully done. The music - what could have been better? Hannah's sacrifice - to embrace them both and leave them there shows her grace and strength and love.

You truly had us all the way through their story, and you ended it as it should have ended.

Thank you for this beautiful romance.

Anonymous said...

Great choice of music, with the swell of intensity in the middle. These videos are huge technical achievements. Well done putting it all together!

It's been a emotional series. I wish Elise and Patrick well.

Aine said...

I love the line, they swallowed an ocean with a kiss. Yes-- perfect ending. And I like the detail of the letters blowing away.

Wonderful song choice, too! What else could it be, but Fur Elise!

I could picture them in black and white film throughout the piece. Very romantic!

Sarah Hina said...

David, thank you for sticking with the series and for finding it compelling. Your support and feedback has meant a lot to me. :)

Cat, I was secretly hoping to make you cry. ;)

Your support and understanding of these characters has been a huge boost for me. Thank you so much for following them through to the end (or should I say beginning...)! :)

Karen, you're very welcome. :) It really was my pleasure to write it, and to have people be invested in the outcome.

I've so appreciated your warm words, and keen insights, Karen. They've been a delight for me to read throughout. My heart is very full tonight! :)

Jason, you know something about putting together videos. ;) Thanks for acknowledging the work behind this. It is a difficult, but worthwhile, endeavor.

And I appreciate your commitment to the series. I think Elise and Patrick are going to be good.

Aine, I felt a little badly about those letters blowing away! I had a weird writer's moment where I wanted Elise to go snatch those things up. :P But the truth is, they didn't need them anymore.

Thank you so much for your support of all my efforts. I am very lucky in my friends. :)

Aniket said...

Thank you... Thank you Sarah for a happy homecoming. And a great job putting the video together. To sync the emotions portrayed by the words to the flow of music. Incredible.

Now we know, what you were doing for last couple of days. :)

We are going to miss these characters too. Thank you for introducing them to our lives.

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice. It wasn't blurry. I really like the ending. A realistic element of their reconciliation.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

What a wonderful and brilliant way to finsih the series, Sarah. You really matched the text with the music so well. You are very talented.

AND...of course, I loved the ending. At first, I thought Hannah had gone berserk and had crushed Elise literally! Then to find out that she was a true lady afterall giving them BOTH her farewell love. Very poignant.

Congratulations. What a lovely romantic story. I'll miss reading more.

Sarah Hina said...

Aniket, yeah, this video has been keeping me pretty busy. I'm still looking forward to diving into your Seven series. It's on my list of things to enjoy tomorrow. :)

Thank you for all your wonderful responses to this series. Seeing your enthusiasm contributed enormously to my own feeling of gratification.

Charles, I did want to acknowledge the pain they'd have to get through, on the road to healing. I'm so glad that the text was readable for you! And thanks so much for following the series throughout.

K, yes, Hannah came through after all. I wanted to acknowledge her pain and her heartfelt claim on Patrick, but give her some nobility, too. It simply wasn't her time with him. But she could recognize that it wasn't Elise's fault.

Thank you for your kind, bolstering words throughout the series, K. I have this little twinge in my heart that it's over now, but a lot of that is due to the wonderful discussions I shared with you, and others. I really treasured this experience.

Jennifer said...

Hi Sarah. I'm so, so sick and I should have waited to watch this until I could string a coherent set of words together. But of course I couldn't wait. :) All I can say is that I loved it, it was truly beautiful with the music and I think you did great justice to the integrity of each character, especially Hannah who has endured the emotional turmoil, but has no waiting kiss to swallow any of it. Thanks for this series, Sarah. It was great fun and the waiting between posts made it even more so. :)

Sarah Hina said...

Jennifer, ack, I'm so sorry you're sick! :( But very happy that you watched and commented, anyway. :)

Hannah assumed a little more weight in this last piece than I might have desired (in a regular vignette, I would have spent a lot more energy giving Patrick and Elise their emotional due), but I did think she was an important piece of the puzzle.

Thank you for being a part of their journey, Jennifer. I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed your enthusiasm and special insights. :)

And get well!!!

Chris Eldin said...

Oh, Sarah... I've been here a couple of times, but pulled away. Now I listen and enjoy for the first time.

You ARE a genius!!! The music, I just can't believe how beautifully your words are woven with the music you chose. My favorite line is "swallow an ocean with a kiss."

So hopeful and satisfying!! I'm relieved and happy you gave us a joyful reunion!!!!

Thank you also for the links!! I will make a quiet moment and place for myself before I click on them.


Sarah Hina said...

Chris, I'm so glad this worked for you! I did love coordinating the music to the words. It was a rare treat to combine moods like that. And yes, I very much wanted the reunion to be happy between Patrick and Elise. They deserved it after the hell I put them through. ;)

You're welcome for those links! Thank you for asking. :)