Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Forward

“Amazing,” he said, sitting next to her.

She placed her wine glass on the bedside table.


“That they can legislate the sunlight. Give us more of it.”

She burrowed into his side.

“It’s not really more. We’re just awake for a better part of it.”

“But it feels like there’s more.”

She yawned and pitched herself into the pillows.

“All I’m feeling is the loss of that hour.”

He smiled down at her.

“It’s kind of a leap of faith. The spring forward. I like the sound of that. Much better than falling back.”

She tugged on his sleeve, until his head hit the feathers.

“I don’t know,” she murmured into his ear. “I kind of like falling back. Don’t you?”

“When you put it like that. Yeah.”

“Do you think ‘they’ could legislate something else for me?”


“That no matter where we are, you’ll always be with me. Whether springing forward or falling back.” She looked into his eyes. “Or staying perfectly still.”

His six o’clock shadow scratched the pillowcase as he inched closer.

“I passed that resolution a long time ago,” he said. “Didn’t I tell you?”

He kissed her. She grabbed on.

“I love you,” she said.

“I know. I feel that, too.”

“I bet you do,” she said, nails tracing the hours on his back. Before rubbing them all away.

He leaped, she sank. They stayed perfectly still. Until a confused sun gave up, and went to sleep.


Karen said...

This is wonderful from beginning to the perfect ending.

red photogene said...

... intimate, beautiful and spring.

David Cranmer said...

My wife and I have had similar conversations... You elegantly put it into words.

Jennifer said...

Sarah, I love how you can take things that people complain about--winter, losing an hour of sleep--and make them achingly beautiful, even, dare I say, sexy. :)

Catvibe said...

Gorgeous, intimate, wonderfully romantic. Spring is a'comin.

Anonymous said...

What a smile for a spring day. :) Great moment between these two. The casual philosophy.

(And as writing goes, excellent dialog, BTW.)

Aine said...

Ahhh... these small moments. This is the secret. Reacting to nature, sharing a connection, and immersing in the feelings.



Aniket said...

Thank you and Thank YOU... Well the first one for a wonderfully romantic post... I was all smiles! And you know whats the second one for. :) :)

I didn't even had to go to the 'Make a wish' people for that. :) Had I known you'd be this generous, I would have made a bigger demand. lolzz!

PS: The lord has spoken, BTW. Tee Hee!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm still missing that hour. Man am I missing it. Plus, now I have to get up in the dead dark again.

Margaret said...

Sarah, a beautiful, intimate moment of sharing.
Who's going to miss that one hour when two people are so deeply connected.
Let us all spring forward and welcome spring with open arms...

Sarah Hina said...

Karen, thank you so much. I enjoyed writing it. :)

Red Photogene, a warm compliment. Thank you.

David, I'm glad this felt familiar to you. That connection to real life means a lot. :)

Jennifer, what you said kind of reflects my goal in writing this. I was feeling a bit mopey, and wanted to turn that energy around. It worked! :) Thanks so much, again.

Cat, are you feeling it? ;) I smell romance...and flowers. Definitely flowers.

Jason, I'm glad this gave you a smile. :) It made me smile, too, to jump into their wonderfully free exchange.

Aine, I couldn't agree more. :) And I made you sigh. So I consider my work done here. ;) (thank you!)

Aniket, I'm glad you reminded me in your post that I hadn't done dialogue in awhile. I sometimes get too locked in, and forget to mix things up. So you're very welcome! And thank you, too. :)

Charles, sorry! I don't envy you those dark, early mornings. I'm lucky enough that it's starting to get light out when I wake up.

Margaret, beautifully said! My arms are wide open. :)

And thank you so much for the kind words and for coming by. It's deeply appreciated.

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Love the amorous exchange. You are the master of these tender moments and the dialogue that moves it along.

These two are starry-eyed, even if the sun is still up. ;)

Sarah Hina said...

K, starry-eyed sounds good to me. :)

And thank you for the kind words. These are my favorite kinds of moments to imagine and share with others, so I'm glad it was well received.

the walking man said...

...and wake me up when the ambient temperature rises above 60.

Bob said...

Really lovely... and I love the image you opened with, I've had that same ad saved on my computer for some time... beautiful work, Sarah.

Sarah Hina said...

Walking Man, I'm with you there. Luckily, it's 70 here today!

Bob, I took that photo in our Kroger grocery store. :) That label really jumped out at me. I'm glad you know it, too!

And thank you for the warm words of appreciation. They mean a lot.

chris eldin said...

Yes, you *are* starry-eyed! Love this one. The pace is slow and sensual, yet the undercurrent is full of energy.

Do you have any poems about the moon/stars? I guess I could search your blog, but just wanted to ask.

Vesper said...

What a romantic way to think of the "Daylight Saving Time"... :-) Yeah, I think like this I could take it... :-) A great flash!